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Working environment

Working environment


We offer relief calls in acute crises.

We offer work environment mapping through a web-based survey, COPSOQ and follow-up with a group report if 10 people or more responded to the survey and offer support with eg action plans.


Through the systematic work environment work ( SAM ), employers must ensure that the work does not lead to ill health for the employees. When this is not sufficient for the individual employee, the regulations on work adaptation enter into force. We offer investigation and support for employees and managers in the rehabilitation process through teamwork with an interprofessional work team with a company doctor, company nurse, physiotherapist / ergonomist and psychotherapist. Both employers and employees can receive help and support in returning to work and if this is not possible, a work ability assessment can be performed, to assess whether the employee has work ability in current work.

We offer ergonomic review and visual screening when working at a monitor as well as other forms of workplace visits adapted to the problems that the employee has, with the possibility of proposed measures

We offer follow-up after stab and cut injuries.

Occupational hygiene measurements

We offer support from work environment engineers regarding hygienic limit values or other issues where advice and support may be needed.


We offer vaccinations during business trips, during exposures in the service as (TBE, hepatitis B), in rehabilitative cases (hepatitis B) and, where applicable, in connection with a health examination.


We offer high competence in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system for companies, where a quick investigation and assessment can be made so that an employee can regain working capacity. Evidence-based tests, such as TIPPA, are used in investigations and in consultation with the employer, a workplace visit can be booked as part of the assessment and proposed measures. We work health promotion and prevention with, among other things, physical activity as a means to help people find their own resources to promote health and movement throughout life.

What you can do yourself, Three possibilities for better health:

1. Avoid sitting still

2. Be active in everyday life

Exercise regularly.


Working environment



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