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Welcome to a health-promoting OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CARE

Why is occupational health care needed?

More and more companies and organizations are realizing the importance of healthy and able-bodied staff. In today’s working life, the elderly are becoming more numerous, while the younger ones are coming out later in working life. The demographic development means that fewer people have to support more people. There will be a need for more people who can and want to continue working longer, but for them to work efficiently, safe workplaces and good working conditions are also needed. Everyone has the right to a good working environment. That is why occupational health care is needed.

Our offer

We are there before, during and after.
We work proactively to promote efforts to keep it healthy. We work actively to prevent efforts to avoid injuries and illnesses in working life. We work reactively with remedial and rehabilitative efforts when the injury has already occurred so the employee can get help to return to work as soon as possible through work training and rehabilitation.


Occupational health care



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Måndag – Fredag

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