Time for TBE vaccination

Fästingsäsong - dags för tbe-vaccination

The tick season is now underway.

TBE is a viral disease that is spread by ticks. The virus can cause inflammation in the brain or meninges. You should be vaccinated against TBE if you are staying in areas where the TBE virus is present.

Who is vaccinated recommended?

Vaccination is usually recommended for permanent and summer living in risk areas and for people who spend a lot of time in forests and land in areas with a high risk of infection and who are often bitten by ticks. Södra Dalarna is a risk area.

TBE vaccine in children can be given from the age of 1 and generally provides good protection against disease in children.


More information about TBE can be found on the public health authority’s website HERE.

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Time for TBE vaccination



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Måndag – Fredag

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