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Markusgatan 17

774 30 Avesta

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Vårdcentral Avestahälsan AB

Vårdcentral AvestaHälsan has existed since 2012 and today has more than 7,700 listed patients and is constantly increasing. We employ district doctors (specialist doctors in general medicine), ST doctors, AT doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, BVC nurses, district nurses and nurses with different profile areas such as diabetes, anticoagulants, incontinence, asthma / COPD, heart / blood pressure cohort abuse and . We also have counseling nurses, medical secretaries, psychotherapists and assistant nurses and our own lab.

We are a privately owned health center that has a care choice agreement with Region Dalarna, so for the individual patient the exact same conditions, care guarantees and fees, etc. apply as at a publicly run health center. Vårdcentral Avestahälsan is independent of large care companies and has operations only in Avesta but with many listed patients also from surrounding municipalities both in southern Dalarna and northern Västmanland.

Avestahälsan shall actively contribute to Sweden’s best local healthcare system. We strive to be Sweden’s most attractive healthcare workplace that attracts the best healthcare professionals. We will provide care of the absolute highest quality with safe and loyal patients.

Our premises were expanded and newly renovated in 2021 and well adapted for the business. We share the property with Företagshälsovård Avestahälsan. We have a common reception on the entrance floor. The health center has operations on all three floors where the top floor is shared with the occupational health service, two stairs up.

We are open on weekdays. In addition, you can always contact us via ”My Care Contacts”.

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Måndag – Fredag



Måndag – Fredag

08,00 – 16,00


T: 0226 – 800 70

Markusgatan 17, 77430 Avesta