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Who are we?

Occupational health care Avestahälsan AB

Avestahälsan was started as occupational health care in the mid-1970s and today has over 180 connected large and small corporate customers with a total of more than 5,500 employees. Our reception is centrally located in Avesta, right next to the town hall and the bus station in Avesta. We operate locally in southern Dalarna and northern Västmanland.

Avestahälsan must actively contribute to Sweden’s best local healthcare system, be a natural partner to the local employers, both public and private, with a low threshold for contact. We offer everything from health checks, driving license certificates and statutory health examinations to extensive work environment investigations and rehabilitation measures. In addition to this, we conduct a number of courses, health promotion initiatives and training and offer management support in systematic work environment work (SAM) to companies and organizations. We are also a local subcontractor to several nationwide corporate healths and a member of Sweden’s Corporate Health.

Avestahälsan employs company nurses, talk therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists / ergonomists and company doctors. In addition, management and support functions as well as a number of subcontractors in specific areas such as work environment engineers.

Our premises were newly renovated in 2021 and well adapted for the business. We share the property with Vårdcentral Avestahälsan. We have a common reception on the entrance floor, but otherwise the occupational health care is located at the top of the house, two stairs up.

Our opening hours on non-holiday weekdays are normally 8-16 when we are reached on site, by phone and via the digital ordering service.



Markusgatan 17

774 30 Avesta

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Available positions

Available positions

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Måndag – Fredag



Måndag – Fredag

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T: 0226 – 800 70

Markusgatan 17, 77430 Avesta